TREMONT, Ill. (WMBD) — Tremont Oil Company is continuing to serve the community with an old-school feel.

At the intersection of East Pearl and South James Streets in Tremont, folks will find a 3rd-generation family business spanning nearly a century.

“My grandfather Glen Gibson started it in 1924, after that my uncle Robert Gibson and father Don Gibson took over,” said Tom Gibson, owner of Tremont Oil Company.

Since 2008, Tremont Oil Company has been in the hands of Tom Gibson.

“There’s a lot of pride in that,” he said.

For 98 years, Tremont Oil Company has provided countless oil changes, tire repairs, and gallons of fuel for local farmers. But what the business may be most noticeably known for is its full-service gas station.

“I know there’s some around the state of Illinois, but very, very few. It’s something you just can’t drive to the next corner and get,” Gibson said.

When drivers visit, they will have their gas pumped for them and their windshields cleaned. It is the classic service in Tremont that leaves new customers surprised.

“When we walk out and ask them what we can help them with, they’ve never seen it before, so it kind of takes them back a little bit,” Gibson said.

It is also the service that keeps regulars coming back time and time again.

“They see your tires a little bit low, they’ll say, ‘hey, can I check the air in your tire,’ or they’ll say, ‘how’s your oil.’ They look at all the little things that you don’t get when you service your car yourself. That’s the good stuff,” said Jim Petrov, a long-time customer.

Gibson said each customer that has come through and dedicated employees have allowed Tremont Oil Company to be successful for so long.

“It’s 98 years, we’ve got to have people support us, or otherwise that would never have happened,” Gibson said.

As of Tuesday, June 7, a gallon of gas at Tremont Oil Company is $5.29.