CHILLICOTHE, Ill. (WMBD) — Their names are Sadie, Lillian, and Goldie Cohen, but those living in Central Illinois may know them as the three sisters.

Though they had no farming background, the sisters came to appreciate agriculture by owning 400 acres of land, and they wanted to share it with the community.

“I think the neatest thing about out here is that with 400 acres of land, we are able to facilitate just about any event you could imagine,” said General Manager of Three Sisters Park, Susan Bobbitt.

Hundreds of thousands of people head to the park every year, which happens to be Bobbitt’s favorite part of the job.

“That’s one of the things that I take the most pride in from working out here. It’s the happiest part of my job to see what it brings to the community, as well as our general facility. Talking to different people that come through the grounds and finding out where they’re from, it’s very surreal,” said Bobbitt.

Not only is Chillicothe a staple, but it’s used in many ways.

“It’s a really neat entity where it’s used for entertainment, nature, and agriculture, and you know, education,” said Molly Crusen Bishop, the facilitator and office manager at the Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce.

Bobbitt said they also do “Weddings events, rentals, we’ve done St. Jude fundraisers, we do a local fundraiser every spring, we do craft shows.”

The park is also bringing in thousands of dollars for the city.

It’s a huge anchor in the city of Chillicothe in my opinion, and they’re a very valuable asset to our chamber,” said Crusen Bishop.

The park also happens to be a non-profit, privately owned organization. Crusen Bishop said the city is a lucky one.

“The three sisters somehow came up with this plan to put all their land and things for use in the future, that was such a blessing to the town.”