BRIMFIELD, Ill (WMBD) — Three decades of public service and five years as Peoria County’s Sheriff.

This week’s CI Hero, Brian Asbell, hails from Brimfield, where he said the community is centered around caring for others.

Whether it’s reflecting on his time served to protect the community, or his work supporting breast cancer research, Brian Asbell has a heart for helping others.

The Brimfield native said it’s a community centered around being a good neighbor.

“Brimfield is still the place that, after I retire, people will just show up and they’re dropping food off at the house,” said Brian Asbell. “They drop the cookies off or they send the cards. It’s just a little bit slower. If you go 18 miles west on the interstate it’s just a little bit slower.”

In 2018, Asbell sported a pink and blue tutu after an additional $500 was raised for team Ronda Guyton, who was recently re-diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.

This week’s CI Hero also supports numerous other charities and nonprofits.

“Lifetime member of the NAACP,” said Asbell. “Being a veteran, anything with the veterans that I’m all in on, and our farming community. I am a member of the Farm Bureau and my family farms, so I still am going to be involved in things like that.”

Even though his time is complete on the local level as Peoria County Sheriff, Asbell is signing on to the Office Of Statewide Pretrial Services.

“The next step is there’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m excited and I’m still going to be here locally,” said Asbell. “It’s going to give me an opportunity to be more involved in a lot of the volunteer work that I like so I’m still going to be here helping our community to get what we need right now.”

Asbell is being recognized Thursday during Old Settlers Days at 6 p.m.

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