EUREKA, Ill. (WMBD) — A local organization brings a diverse system of assistance and support to those in Woodford County.

Eureka’s Heartline and Heart House works to implement positive change for those in need.

“Heartline is an agency for people who are in a short-term crisis,” said Brandi Gerber, Executive Director. “We can step in those situations and help people through that short-term crisis and remain in their homes and not get behind on their bills. HeartHouse is a shelter for women and children who are homeless and/or victims of domestic violence.”

The executive director said each impact they can make, large or small, sends shockwaves of support through the community.

“We could all be in a position where we need help ourselves and to be able to provide that assistance means a lot to us and also to the people in the community,” said Gerber.

She said the organization is 99% community funded.

“We do not have any state or federal funds,” said Gerber, “We run by donations from individuals, businesses, churches.”

The faith-based nonprofit’s been serving Woodford County since 1982.

She said their success in helping others is because of a giving community.