PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Inside the halls of UnityPoint Health Methodist in Peoria, a labor and delivery unit secretary works to create a positive and inclusive environment.

“My desk is the first person you see when the doors open so I’m right there in the middle,” said Sandra Brown. ” So, I greet them, ask them for some information, and always greet them with a smile.”

This week’s CI Hero Sandra Brown said she’s spent almost a decade in her current role. She said she sees patients from all types of backgrounds and circumstances. So, if she can make them feel comfortable and supported then she’s done her job.

“I do take pride in a patient coming in that looks like me,” said Brown. “I take such good pride in it and that’s just to let them know that little ‘ole me, in my position…I may not give out medical diagnoses, I may not give out medication, but I do always try to give positive words and a big smile.”

She said the patient experience is what matters most.

“They may forget your name,” said Brown. “They may forget what you told them, but they’ll never forget how you treat them.”

And some say even her outlook on life is inspiring.

“Even if you may run into a little roadblock, you just don’t worry,” said Brown. “Just write it in pencil. Write it in pencil, because it’s going to be erased, and you just keep on going on.”

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