NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) — From fist bumps to handshakes, this week’s CI Hero protects the halls of Normal Community High School.

“The safety and the protection of the students is always #1,” said School Resource Officer Jeremy Flood. “The other important part that [SROs] play is we’re a mentor to the kids, as an informal counselor at times. There’s a lot of kids that come to me daily that they just need that pep talk to get through their day.”

The high school’s principal said for eight years, Officer Flood combines his knowledge of law enforcement and a passion for fostering positive relationships.

“Officer Flood has the knowledge and background of being a police officer and working in our community. It’s marrying those two things together as both a police officer and a member of the Normal community that I think makes it really important.”

Officer Flood also serves the state through his work as the vice president of the Illinois School Resource Officer’s Association.

“We bring together SROs from all over the state,” said Officer Flood, “We usually have over 100 SROs that attend and it’s three days of SRO-specific training. It’s not a job just any police officer could do or would want to do. We all desire to be in the position and it’s extremely difficult.”

He said It’s an honor to serve in this capacity.

The SRO training runs from June 22-June 24.

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