CI Hero: Stark Co. teacher invests in student growth, keeps parents updated daily

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STARK COUNTY, Ill.– A Wyoming teacher is receiving praise from parents for continually going beyond the needs of the classroom to help students and their guardians.

Paige Milburn has been teaching for about six years. With the perk of having small class sizes comes the flexibility to encourage each child to grow socially, emotionally and intellectually.

It’s her constant above and beyond attitude that’s made her this week’s CI Hero.

London LaTour’s dad, Ron, said Ms. Milburn is an exceptional teacher.

“Seeing a teacher like Miss Milburn…it’s so important that the parents support a teacher like that and let the teacher know A) they’re appreciated and B) the work their doing is very valuable,” said Ron LaTour.

He says she has spent time with London helping her come out of her shy shell and growing as a student and child.

“My daughter was all nervous, ‘I don’t want to do second grade.’ You know?” said LaTour. “She’s very soft-spoken and very inviting to the children and she works so well with them and she encourages them all the time.”

Principal Jenna Bibbs says Ms. Milburn is a hometown girl and they’re thrilled to have her back home in Stark County schools.

“She’s a great math teacher,” said Principal Bibbs. “A great reading teacher, all of that, but she’s also a great teacher of human beings. She’s creating these future citizens.”

Milburn says second graders show a tremendous amount of confidence in their learning.

“They’re so excited to learn and they just think everything you tell them is new and exciting and it’s just a great age,” said Paige Milburn. “It’s an awesome feeling to be a second-grade teacher.”

Parents say Milburn has communication with them daily even on non-scheduled school days. She has a Facebook group where she shows daily updates from the student’s perspective. On Christmas Day, communication still came. This time in the form of plates that the kids had worked on for their parents.

“I just it was amazing that this lady would take the time on her holiday, on a family holiday, to share with all the class,” said LaTour.

Excited, though humbled, Milburn says it’s an honor to be highlighted as a CI Hero.

“It feels great to be recognized because there are so many teachers that do this every single day,” said Milburn. “They work, and they’re here before school, after school, and put in the time to help these kids and it feels really amazing just to be honored and I’m pretty excited.”

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