TREMONT, Ill. (WMBD) — The village of Tremont rallies around and supports a local teen as she navigates a recent cancer diagnosis, but it’s all smiles and sisterly fun for the Jost family.

The mood comes as radiation treatment finishes for 15-year-old Savannah Jost.

She finished treatment number 17 at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee near the end of May.

“It has been incredible with the amount of support we’ve received here at school, just for my job here at [Tremont Middle School], and then rallying around Savannah,” said Stacie Jost, Savannah’s Mother. “All the prayers we’ve received from the community, some old friends too, so it’s just been crazy. Everyone has come together to support her.”

The village supports her journey through a group called Savannah Smiles.

It’s a way for Savannah’s school, community, family, and friends to show support as she battles Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

“Tremont’s been supporting me by doing fundraisers like the Hoops for Hope event or just simply praying, or just simple cards,” said Savannah Jost, CI Hero. “I got lots of cards or gifts so, they supported me through it.”

As a basketball and volleyball player, Savannah said it’s reassuring to see her teammates have her back on and off the court.

“This year, I’ve made lots of new friends and they’ve been helping me through this,” said Jost. “It’s just been heartwarming that I know they’ll be there and I have these friends who will stick with me.”

Tremont’s High School Student Council and National Honor Society hosted Hoops for Hope for Savannah.

Stacie said they received $20,000 from the event.

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