CI Hero: Wyoming church members serve the community with weekly meals

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WYOMING, Ill. (WMBD) — Members of Wyoming’s First Church of the Nazarene say it’s a divine calling to cook and deliver meals for those in the area. The more than 6,000 meals is a soul project of a group of six church members.

“No matter how small you are, you can make a big impact,” said Alisha Lee, cook. “God calls us all to serve, and no matter what we do, no matter how little we think it is, I mean, we’ve served over 6,000 meals. It’s just, it’s been amazing. You can do it.”

“It’s a great opportunity to reach out to the people in the community and let them know that God loves them and through us doing this, hopefully, they can see that,” said Peggy Gray.

The group started offering meals at the beginning of the pandemic to serve those in Wyoming and Toulon. The church offers delivery and drive-through on Wednesday nights from 4 to 6 p.m. or until all meals are served.

“Seeing the joy in their eyes, it just makes your heart feel so much better that you’re doing what God called you to do,” said Melissa Ramsay, Delivery Driver.

“It’s awesome to see such a small town, where it’s not just the church,” said Marilyn Swearingen. “It’s not just the businesses, it’s everybody involved coming together for a great cause.”

A recipient of the meals said the service shows the empathy of a small Stark County city.

“Living in a small town, people all pull together,” said Vicki McGinnis. “I think this is just one of the things that show how a small town does pull together.”

Children also lend a helping hand in preparation for the meals as salad sous chefs.

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