PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Focused on bringing stability to those battling food insecurity.

Two groups stand out for their contributions to the Stuff-A-Bus campaign. The Peoria Mustangs and Ag Land FS which is funded by the Illinois Soybean Association.

“I think you kind of take it for granted, each day, how much you really have and just watching, seeing how much food we can pack onto the bus and how much it goes a long way I would say,” said Zach Lacasse a defenseman for the Peoria Mustangs.

“We donated $1,500 towards purchasing food to Stuff-A-Bus and the Friendship House’s pantry to help the needy,” said Ag Land FS’s Tricia Dunn.

The Mustangs are usually on the ice and Ag Land FS operates in Biodiesel.

“I feel blessed,” said Mason Buchanan a forward for the Peoria Mustangs. “I feel good. I feel honored to be out here and help everybody.”

The pair came together to support the stuffing of this vintage bus to benefit the Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service’s food pantry.

“When you have the ability to give – you give,” said President and CEO of the Peoria Friendship House Marcellus Sommerville. “When you have the opportunity to do it – you do it. You seize the moment and I think Peoria, every time around this year, always seizes the moment.”

The 36th annual Stuff-A-Bus campaign goes until November 29.

Recommended donations include canned proteins, canned fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates like pasta and rice, and a few dairy items like canned milk and instant pudding.

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