BARTONVILLE, Ill. (WMBD) — The Village of Bartonville’s high school, Limestone Community, has dedicated more than 40 years to helping central Illinois kids live empowered and included.

Every year the student population rallies for Easterseals of Central Illinois.

“I think it’s one of the greatest things I’ve been a part of at Limestone and as a high schooler,” said Bryson Jarvis.

Easterseals is a local nonprofit which dedicates its services to help kids with developmental delays, disabilities, or other special needs. Since fundraising began, the school has raised nearly $1.2 million.

“You can just tell the way that Easterseals affect all of these families,” said Ava White. “It’s really moving to hear the way that we can impact that, just as high schoolers.”

Easterseals’ CEO said it’s a powerful tradition.

“The culture they’ve built here has to give all of us reason for hope in the future because these are remarkable young people,” said Steve Thompson.

Students participate in various activities over a two-week period.

Some said it’s a special tradition known only to a Limestone Rocket.

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