BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — David Davis’ home, Clover Lawn, isn’t just a well-preserved Victorian home. It’s one of the “150 great places in Illinois” according to the American Association of Architects.

The Davis family was wealthy, so the home was well ahead of its time by having indoor plumbing, central heating and hot and cold water on tap.

Sarah Davis was an avid gardener and her floral designs remain on the property.

“It is exactly the same now as it was back then,” master gardener Kay Henrichs said. “[Including] 18 original plants.”

Local gardeners support the restoration of the home with an annual garden walk.

Clover Lawn is also the site for a British Car Club show in early June, an historic bicycle show in July, and come December, it’s time for a Victorian Christmas at the home.

There have even been private events at the mansion. Although the Davis family is gone from here, their home still lives on, hosting 40,000 guests a year.