Bloomington cancer survivor to model in New York Fashion Week

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Katie Bertsche was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, which put her on a journey she wasn’t expecting.

“I was already at stage 3B so it was already pretty aggressive so I did chemotherapy first and did that for six months and then in February of the following year I did my double mastectomy with reconstruction,” said Bertsche who is the spa manager at Twin Cities plastic surgery.

Bertsche has metastatic breast cancer meaning cancer cells will always be there.

“The most you can hope for is to be ned which is no evidence of disease so I was no evidence of disease up until a couple of months ago and mine has come back for the third time,” said Bertsche.

This hasn’t stopped her from living life to its fullest and as living proof, she’s doing something only a few get to do, walk the runway at New York Fashion Week.

“I was a fashion major when I was in college so that’s always appealed to me to go there, now did I ever think I would be walking in it absolutely not,” said Bertsche.

The fashion show is hosted by AnaOno Intimates, a post-mastectomy apparel brand, and #Cancerland, a breast cancer media platform.

Bertsche hopes this event will raise more awareness towards breast cancer.

“There’s plenty of us out there who have been living with stage four breast cancer for years and think well you look healthy you don’t look like anything wrong but people are just uneducated and it’s just cause there’s not information out there,” said Bertsche.

The doctors at Twin Cities plastic surgery are sponsoring the event to get the word out and support Bertsche.

“Breast cancer is such a common cancer in women and its one that a lot of women when they band together and get into something like that, that shows you can still a very functional and wonderful life with that diagnosis, it’s a very empowering feeling,” said plastic surgeon at Twin Cities plastic surgery, Dr. Laura Randolph.

the fashion show is on Feb 9. in Manhattan.

“I’m scared, I’m nervous but I’m doing it, you only live once,” said Bertsche.

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