BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — People in Bloomington got the chance to hear from the leader of one of the largest business newspapers in the country.

On Wednesday, Jim Kirk stopped by Illinois Wesleyan University to talk about journalism in the fake news era.

“We’re in an era where people have to work harder to decipher between real news and fake news and that takes a little work on the readers part, but it also takes work on the journalism part to make sure what they are saying and what they’re reporting is truthful,” said Kirk, who is the publisher and executive editor of Crain’s Chicago Business.

Kirk was also most recently the editor in chief of the Los Angeles Times.

So many articles are posted and shared on social media and sometimes it is tough to decipher what is true or not. However, Kirk does have a simple tip you can use.

“One of the easiest things that people can do is actually read to make sure that the source of whatever they’re receiving is a news story or what they’re reading is a legitimate news station,” said Kirk.

As the presidential election approaches, fake articles will come out. Meaning it’s important to know the difference between fact and fiction.

“At the end of the day truth matters in everything that we do especially the political process and you want to make sure what you’re reading is accurate and that you’re not being mislead as you make decisions in your own life,” said Kirk.