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PEORIA,Ill.– Peoria city leaders are looking for more diversity within there departments. Tuesday Peoria city manager Patrick Urich presented a plan in hopes the city’s workforce will soon reflect the community.

The city has been working since 2016 to bring more minorities into departments, especially within fire and police forces. Patrick Urich said this plan is long overdue.

“And I think as the number reflected, as we’ve seen our workforce shrink, we’ve seen that impacted our minority workforce,” Urich said.

Currently, the city is populated with 42% minorities, yet Peoria’s entire workforce consists of 25% minorities. Minorities are described as Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian or Women.

According to the presentation, out of 502 employees, 65 are non-white males.

“So what we have included is an increase in the budget of $30,000 so we can do some targeted recruiting,” Urich said.

The $30,000, which was included in the 2020 human resources budget, will aid in targeted hiring tactics including:

  • Recruit with minority groups and publications
  • Radio, newspaper and TV advertisements
  • vacancy announcements to barbershops and Black churches
  • Advertise on internet sites specific to the demographic

Now that the funding has been added to the budget, Urich said they now have money to add hiring strategies. Starting next year, they will aggressively use resources to recruit students from historically Black colleges and universities up to eight hours away.

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