Eureka College celebrates the 30th-anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

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EUREKA, Ill.– Eureka College held its 10th annual “Fall of the Wall” ceremony to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall Friday.

The President of Eureka College Jamel Wright called the ceremony a very important event for the college.

“We are one of the only colleges or universities to celebrate such a momentous occasion as this every year, we find this to be a symbol of freedom and opportunity,” Wright said.

The ceremony featured a student-led parade of flags representing countries that were directly affected by the fall of the berlin wall.

The Keynotes address was provided by Peoria Riverfront Museum President John Morris. Morris said the most important takeaway for students is to remember that freedom matters.

“I think the most important takeaway over and over again is that freedom matters, Morris Said. “We must remember it, we must celebrate it, we must think about the times that freedom wins.”

The ceremony also had special remarks from Dr. Octavian Gabor. Dr. Gabor is a professor of Philosophy at Methodist College and grew up behind the Iron Curtain in Romania.

In his remarks, Gabor said the words “Tear down that wall” reminds him of the words of Nobel Prize Laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

“I was actually reminded of the words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn who said that always there is a division between us, and the division between us is inside each of our hearts and not between people,” Dr.Gabor said.

The ceremony also celebrated Ronald Reagan’s contributions to the fall of the Berlin wall. The Ronald W. Regan Museum was also open with a commemorative exhibit.

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