Farmington City Council voted against new light ordinance

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FARMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD)– Farmington City Council voted against an ordinance that would have addressed light nuisances from both businesses and homes Monday.

Ward 2 Alderman Kenn Stufflebeam said the ordinance failed due to concerns about making the ordinance accommodate businesses lighting requirements at the federal and state level.

“The Lighting Ordinance failed, It is going to be re-worked to include some accommodations for businesses that may need to have lighting to comply with federal or state law,” Stufflebean said.

The ordinance was being discussed as a result of Farmington resident Arron Kevilus protesting with lawn art and complaining about his next-door neighbors, ULM Veterinary Clinic, who he says has lights that shine into his property and make it hard for him to sleep at night.

Arron Kevilus said he was disappointed by the council vote, and said he will continue to protest with lawn art in front of his house until the issue is resolved.

“My lawn art stays up,” Kevilus said. “This is a protest, I have a legal right.”

The vet clinic owners have tried to alleviate some of the problems by adding shields to their outdoor lights, but Kevilus says not enough has been done to fix the problems.

ULM Veterinary Clinic owner Dr. Jennifer Ulm said in a statement that Kevilus is bullying them despite continuing to make compromises.

“He wouldn’t even consider the last shields as a compromise even though his yard is quite dark with my lights on,” Ulm said. “The city keeps making me spend money on all these modifications and allowing Arron to bully us and get his way.”

The lighting ordinance will come up for a vote again after the council is given time to re-work it to accommodate more businesses.

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