Geese are taking over areas in the Twin Cities

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — While most birds fly south for the winter there is one kind that doesn’t mind the cold, geese.

And boy have they been causing problems in Bloomington.

“They don’t follow our pedestrian laws number one, but really it’s just Ireland Grove Road around the busy times when State Farm is opening and closing the rush hour traffic gets bogged down with geese hanging out in the roadway,” said Bloomington Police Departments Spokesman, John Fermon.

Geese are attracted to bodies of water making the pond at state farm a popular spot. White Oak Lake is also an area geese have taken over, and trail users aren’t thrilled about it.

“They leave droppings everywhere or they just kind of hang out, they look like they might be aggressive but since I usually have my dog with me they usually stay back,” said Bloomington resident Sabrina Swearingen.

Although they may look majestic, Fermon says geese can actually be pretty aggressive.

“If you’re walking down the trail or sidewalk they’ll honk at you they may chase after you, they may actually bite you but try to remain calm and stay away from them,” said Fermon.

If you happen to encounter a goose on the road a simple honk of the horn will usually do the trick, if not you may have to wait a couple of minutes.
In the meantime, Fermon is still waiting on a response.

“I hope maybe they’ll give me a call back if anybody has their number maybe they can reach out to me,” said Fermon.

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