Chapter 4: Ghost of Angie Milner

Haunted Central Illinois

NORMAL, Ill. — Illinois State University is said to be home to one of the most notably haunted places in central Illinois.

As students and locals know, Angie Milner was ISU’s first librarian and was well-loved on campus. Legends say, after she died, her ghost still haunts Williams Hall.

University Archivist April Anderson-Zorn said she isn’t surprised that there are ghost stories about Milner.

“When she passed away they had her funeral in Capen Auditorium. She was so well-loved and so well respected, so it does not surprise me that there are ghost stories about Ange,” she said.

Many are quick to discredit the story because the timeline does not add up. Millner died in 1928, and Williams Hall, originally called Milner Library, was not built until 1940. But some would say it is not the building that was haunted, but her old belongings.

Many of these belongings are currently stored in ISU’s archives, including hundreds of letters she received from students serving in World War I.

Archive employees often tell stories of hearing whispers, seeing chairs move on their own, and catching lights on camera.

“You’ll see a ball of light just kind of pop up,” Anderson-Zorn said referencing the security camera footage. “And it’s not just a piece of dust or something that’s reflecting light.”

Milner was known to go above and beyond to help students and faculty in life, perhaps it’s not so unusual people believe she continues to do so after death.

“There is a very warm and helpful and calming presence when you’re back here,” Anderson-Zorn said. “If she is haunting the place, then she is doing a good job of it, and contributing to our happy abode out here in [the] archives.”

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