Helpful tips for taking better firework photographs

Digital Originals

PEORIA, Ill. — Fireworks and photographs go hand in hand; here are some helpful tips to make your pictures soar above the rest:

Shaky shots can decrease the quality of a picture – invest in a tripod. Chances are this won’t be the last picture you take on your phone, the tripod will eliminate shot shakiness and immediately increase your chance of a good picture.

Make sure your flash is turned off. The flash on a phone is not meant for long range and likely won’t reach the action. It helps to turn off the “high dynamic range” or HDR for short. This setting isn’t good for moving objects.

Try a long range exposure app to get good color. Longer exposure helps for better quality. Browse an App Store for a good app to fit your preference and play around with it beforehand.

To make sure you get the best picture possible, scout your location. Get a sense of where you are going to be and claim your spot early.

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