How drivers can prepare their car for the winter months

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Severe winter can spell disaster for an unprepared vehicle, according to Maaco Owner Bob Pohl.

Pohl said there are three things car owners should do to make sure their vehicle is set for the snow.

“They say you lose a pound of air pressure with each ten-degree drop in temperature. So as it gets colder at night, you want to make sure you’ve got the right amount of air in your tires, use your tire pressure gauge, make sure you have your tires filled up to the manufacturer’s recommended air pressure,” said Pohl.

Along with tire pressure, he said to get winter wiper blades because they are stronger and remove snow and ice easier.

Another thing he said drivers should look out for is windshield washer fluid.

“You can get a wiper fluid, which is a really low-temperature washer fluid,” Pohl said. “It won’t freeze even if it gets down below freezing down into the below zero temperatures, this is good till almost minus 40.”

An Uftring Weston employee recommended drivers let the professionals take a look at the vehicle.

“Come in regularly, have your battery tested. We do have quick-hand help testers,” said Dave Vargocko, service manager for Uftring Weston Chevrolet Cadillac. “The other thing that we also check is the coolant to make sure that it is protecting at cold temperatures.”

For those who are not comfortable checking their own car, Pohl said, “take your car to a professional.”

“There are folks out there that do specialize in maintenance like this. And there are a lot of good folks right here in Peoria that can do these things for you.”

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