PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — “Design, restore and preserve for the future,” is the motto of the company restoring historic buildings, like Hale Memorial Church, and specifically, two stained-glass windows.

The church is located on the corner of High and Main Streets in Peoria.

The windows stand at 42 feet tall and 16 feet wide.

Stephen Berlinger, Chief of Operations at Heritage Restoration and Design said, “The building had about 42 windows in it and of those windows, some of the glass was removed previously by other people and is gone. Part of our job potentially will be to replicate stain glass to go back into those windows that will match the historic ones.”

The church, which has been around since 1868, experienced fire damage, water damage, and now has critters running through the building, but Heritage Restoration and Design is up for the challenge.

“Our job is historic restoration all over the United States, and of course there’s a special interest when it’s in your own hometown,” said Michael Berlinger, president of Heritage Restoration and Design.

Polishing this diamond in the rough will take some time, but the windows are expected to be completed in three to four months.