Kids enjoy Christmas spirit with letters from Santa

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PEORIA, Ill. — An out of place mailbox can be spotted at the corner of Sterling and Kickapoo in West Peoria.

Turns out it’s there for a reason: Sending letters straight to Santa at the North Pole.

“[A man] just posted it on the West Peoria Facebook page and said they were putting a mailbox feel free to drop letters and take pictures,” said Peoria resident Heather Monroe. “We put it in and then a week later Santa picked up the letters.”

After dropping their letters off, the Monroe family didn’t expect anything in return. Little did they know, Santa himself would personally write them back.

“I never thought I’d get a letter from Santa because I didn’t know he wrote back,” said Heather’s kid Raegan.

Monroe was in awe and says it completely changed their holidays this year.

“It literally made our entire Christmas, to see the looks on their faces that Santa himself personally wrote them letters was amazing,” said Monroe.

Raegan asked Santa things like, how many presents the elves can make a day? to which Santa replied, “usually around two, but around Christmas, they can make up to five.”

This mailbox is spreading the Christmas spirit to kids all around Peoria.

“I was starting to think that Santa wasn’t too real, I believed in him just a little bit less but now that I got these I 100% believe in him,” said Raegan.

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