Kids soak up the rays, high temps after Christmas

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — For most kids the day after Christmas means playing with their new presents.

It seems plans have changed since the thermostat peaked at 61 degrees.

“The kids look happy, it’s really nice outside it feels like spring,” said Bloomington resident Victoria Slough.

“It’s very wonderful cause I have a daycare at my home and I thought well today is a beautiful day so we might as well get out and enjoy it,” said Bloomington resident Cheryl Hutson.

Sliding down slides and swinging on swings on Dec. 26 isn’t something Illinoisans are used to, but they said there is definitely nothing to complain about.

“It is very very strange that we are having 60-degree weather in December,” said Hutson. “We had our sleds out last week and we were sledding around the backyard in the snow and today it’s like what.”

Slough says she’s never experienced this type of weather on Christmas break.

“Usually when I was growing up it was just snowy, I would’ve enjoyed it when I was younger,” said Slough.

Don’t get used to the temperature today because next week it looks like it’s going back to the traditional December weather.

“It’s supposed to drop back down and be winter again,” said Hutson.

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