Local tree farm experiencing high demand and low supply

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BRIMFIELD, Ill. (WMBD) — A 2012 drought is causing tree farms to suffer from their supply, and it’s happening in Central Illinois.

Rod Stahl, the owner of Cinnamon Tree Farm in Brimfield, said he believes the low supply has many origin points.

Growing about one foot each year, it takes several years for pine trees to become fully grown. A drought in 2012 has set his farm back, he said.

“If you calculate back eight or nine years, that’s when those trees were planted, well they’re the ones that should be harvested now,” he said.

Wildfires in the western states have ruined thousands of acres worth of trees as well. Northern states, like Wisconsin and Michigan, had a late frost, he said, which caused issues for trees that should have been available this year.

Last, because finding labor has been a difficult venture, farmers have had problems when it comes to transportation and general labor.

“It’s just a perfect storm of things coming together to make it a challenge to get your hands on enough trees,” said Stahl.

With customers purchasing their trees in advance, there are only so many left for future customers. Stahl encourages people to get them while they’re still there.

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