Mexican ice cream shop says false advertisement hurt its business

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PEORIA, Ill. — Palarte Mexican Ice Cream opened its doors again Friday after a two-week hiatus, but owners said the news of being permanently closed has already affected them.

Jenni Vega, co-owner of Palarte located in the Peoria Metro Centre, said while normally the shop would be seeing many customers during the afternoon hours, traffic has noticeably decreased.

“It’s been a little bit slow,” Vega said. “We’ve lost a lot of customers due the false advertisement of being closed. But people are starting to find out that we’re open and are starting to come back.”

The shop’s other co-owner, Yeni Rodriguez, recently revealed Palarte was temporarily closed because they were waiting to renew their lease. She said the store’s focus is to get their clientele back.

Vega also said Palarte is trying to bring new material to bring back older customers and hopefully attract new ones.

“We’re focusing on new products and new ice cream flavors,” Vega said. “A lot of new things are coming in.”

The owners also mentioned possibly expanding the shop to further parts of Peoria and even bigger cities in the near future.

“We’re looking to grow and get another store possibly,” Vega said. “But first we’re just concentrating on this one to make sure that everyone in Peoria tries our ice cream.”

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