Middle schoolers learn anything is possible with guest speaker Timothy Alexander

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — For many middle school students, this week is the beginning of the second semester.

While most weren’t thrilled to be back, leaders at Evans Junior High School in Bloomington brought in a special guest to inspire these kids.

“We don’t need it to be easy we just need it to be possible,” said inspirational speaker Timothy Alexander.

Alexander speaks to students all over the country about being resilient through any obstacle life throws at you. Tuesday he stopped by Evans Junior High School to kick off their semester on a high note.

“To hear this message now at the beginning of second semester where you can say I struggled with this in December but now I know I can get through this,” said Principal at Evans Junior High School Chris McGraw.

When Alexander was in high school he was in a car accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. But through perseverance was able to overcome this hardship.

“The most powerful tool we have is our mind the doctors told me I would never read, write, twist, and talk but I transformed my life by starting first with my mind because what you think controls how you feel, how you feel controls what you do,” said Alexander.

Many students in attendance were touched by Alexanders words.

“This has inspired me to achieve my dream which is being a football player but I feel like my asthma would affect that but hearing it from someone else’s view I think I can help the team in a different way,” said 8th grader Malaki McMullen.

Alexander speaks to kids of all ages but feels that elementary and middles schoolers are the most impressionable. He says he is very humbled to be able to impact these kids.

“Seeing these middle school students come up and say you inspire me that I can make something out of my life you inspire me that my home issues will get better if I allow my teachers to help and so if you can get that from a middle school student I think the praise is in the horses mouth,” said Alexander.

Principal McGraw says alexanders positive message lines up with what they are trying to teach at Evans.

“All of us bring a different piece of struggles, skills or passions and we need to recognize that and celebrate that and not let it turn into a downfall or a negative,” said McGraw.

Alexander got to spend the rest of the day with these kids and even said he would try and stay in contact with some of them.

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