Owner of Diesel Dick’s has until March 31st to clean up fire debris

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Diesel Dick’s, the automotive repair shop destroyed by a fire in October could be for sale as soon as this spring.

“I would like this place to be something for somebody good, it’s been fantastic for myself and my family for the past 30 years,” said Diesel Dick’s owner Alan Dick.

even if Dick wanted to rebuild it, he couldn’t.

“The city in their ultimate wisdom will not let us put a shop here, I can put anything else here but not a shop,” said Dick. “This is gonna be a cultural district now and that’s why I’m not allowed to be here as a repair shop.”

So, Dick, his friends, and family have been cleaning up rubble to meet the cities March 31. deadline.

“We’re making a path for the demolition team to actually come in, tear down the brick wall and everything else besides the vehicles,” said John Dick, Alan Dick’s son.

Dick has been at his location on Madison Street for decades and doesn’t think he’ll have any problems selling it.”

“This is the gateway to downtown, it’s a great place, it’ll be a good place for whoever has it. but we’re under no pressure, eventually, it will sell and it’s gonna make somebody a great place,” said Dick.

Dick wasn’t planning on retiring anytime soon but is taking this as a sign.

“I’m 68 years old and I’m beat up and I hurt bad, so now because serendipitous misfortune I’m forced to retire, and I will get to raise my grandchildren, I get to raise my son and daughter and I just bought a travel trailer and I get to roam around and have fun.”

Once everything is cleaned up Dick plans to have a community cookout to say thank you to all his customers.

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