Peoria Heights approves the creation of a comprehensive plan

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PEORIA HEIGHTS, Ill.– After three town halls to gather public input, Peoria Heights has approved the creation of a comprehensive plan.

Leaders voted to address a housing shortage. Peoria Heights Mayor Mike Phelan said he wants to provide middle-class families more housing options. And tonight, his colleagues agreed – voting to hire a Chicago-based firm to help create a plan.

The Houseal Lavigne Associates will carry out the Village board plans by asking residents and business owners in Peoria Heights to give their input to establish the community vision, goals and policies.

This will cost the Heights nearly $100,000.

“The goal is we want to start tying together projects that we know happened in the past but also start looking out ahead,” Houseal Lavigne representative Nikolas Davis said. “It’s goals, what they want to do, what they want to see and how they want developers in the future to better understand what they’re trying to accomplish.”

Other topics brought up in the town halls leading up to this meeting included sidewalk, lighting, and other infrastructure plans. Peoria Heights mayor Michael Phelan said planning for the future is critical, so he hopes community members will give their input.

“We want all voices heard,” Phelan said. “That’s part of the process too is that the citizens can come forward and tell their leaders what they would like to see in their neighborhood.”

Another topic brought up at the meeting was about the Zoning Boards recommendation marijuana dispensary. The zoning board voted 5-2 to recommend having dispensaries be at least 500 feet away from schools.

The village board will discuss this on Dec 5.

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