Police alert motorists, pedestrians of safety after rising collision cases, end of daylight saving time

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PEORIA, Ill. — With daylight saving time coming to an end, a lot of people are driving in the dark more often.

Coupled with a rising number of cases involving cars hitting pedestrians, Peoria police want to make sure people both in and out of cars stay safe and alert.

Peoria Police Traffic Sergeant Ryan Winkle said pedestrians and vehicle collisions typically steam from a mix of distracted driving and illegal crossing.

“Everywhere you go in the city you are going to run into streets that do not have sidewalks or the best lighting. The biggest thing is distracted driving. That’s what we are finding is becoming apart of a lot of collisions,” he said.

“When it comes to seeing pedestrians out in the road you always have to be aware of people being out and predict that every person you see as potentially being able to walk out in front of your car or cross out in front of you. That’s a part of driving defensively,” he said.

Distracted driving or speeding can put pedestrians in danger, especially in areas with no sidewalks. A slight veer from on the road can cause a deadly wreck.

“That’s actually a big thing in Peoria, so you have to almost stay on the side, almost in someone’s yard to stay safe,” resident Kayla Williams said.

One resident who lives on Glencrest Drive said it is unsafe for her to enjoy walks in her neighborhood due to the lack of lighting and sidewalks.

“People just need to just slow down. Nobody has to get there that fast. You know, just take your time and be safe and then everyone can just arrive alive,” Michelle Rouland said.

Residents don’t have to leave their safety up to drivers, they can stay vigilant by wearing bright color clothing and making sure vehicles are coming to a complete stop before crossing.

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