Rep. Cheri Bustos works behind the scenes at a local business, Tuesday

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PEORIA, Ill. — U.S Representative Cheri Bustos put the bill writing on hold and traded it in for manual labor, Tuesday afternoon.

She learned the ins and outs of bump boxes. An area business that delivers new and expectant mothers natural products for their pregnancy and their newborns.

“We got to take Cheri on a tour, we let her see operations, we really just gave her the inside look of bump boxes and what we do here, she also got to pack some boxes on the line which is really exciting,” said Christine Deehring, Co-Owner of Bump Boxes.

While working on the line Bustos had time to talk with employees about their job.

“I was asking Katrina who was working on the line right next to me, what are you doing are you thinking about the moms getting these boxes at the end of this and she said yea she likes to picture how excited the mom gets when she gets the box,” said Rep. Cheri Bustos (D) Ill.

Bustos also says she loves the positive attitude throughout the building.

“They just had great comradery back there in putting all of this together they laugh together they were having fun together,” said Bustos

With such a fast-growing business Deehring was appreciative to have someone from Congress notice them.

“It was great to have just that open dialogue so she can kind of hear what we’ve gone through and help other businesses as they’re growing and scaling to help them through the challenges that arise,” said Deehring.

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