Several complaints to the city about illegal dumping, no action taken

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PEORIA, Ill.– Southside residents are pointing to the City of Peoria to clean up illegal dumping in their alleys.

Illegal dumping is a growing problem in Peoria. Peoria Public Works Department Superintendent Sie Maroon said the south and north end, and the East Bluff experience heavy dumping daily.

“When we get the complaints, and it’s dropped in a right away, that’s not on private property, we will put in a service request and send a crew out to get items removed from blocking the alley or affecting the residents,” he said.

Maroon said it typically takes 24 to 48 hours to inspect and remove the trash, however, resident Robert James said it’s been over seven months since he filed a complaint.

“It’s just an embarrassment having this here. We call the city. I know seven times I’ve called. Nothing,” James said.

Behind James’ house, there are several piles of tires, debris tree limbs and broken TVs. He said long-term waste raises safety concerns for children who play along the alley.

“It started off as a small junk pile, then all of the sudden it got bigger and bigger and more and more then tires started showing, TVS started showing and that’s how it’s building up. Now we seeing rats there.

[Illegal dumping] is basically in my backyard. We have concerns of our grandkids playing out here. We don’t allow them to play anymore,” James said.

WMBD spoke with Maroon on Friday about James concerns, Maroon said it is possible James’ complaints fell through the cracks. Maroon said it is possible residents are making complaints to the wrong department.

“We have a service request and work order system that allows us to respond to requests in a timely manner. I am not sure which department they are calling. I apologize for it taking this long if they are calling our department,” Maroon said.

At the moment, the Public Works Department only picks up illegal dumping upon request. If you notice illegal dumping in an area that is blocking an alley and not on private property, you can call it in at (309) 494-8850.

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