Tips for eating healthier on Thanksgiving

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PEORIA, Ill.– Thanksgiving dinner is one of the biggest meals of the year for many families, but what can you do if you want to avoid the extra carbs and fats?

One local registered dietitian Ashley Thomas gave some advice on how to eat more healthily this thanksgiving.

Thomas said it’s important to think about holiday meals the same way you would think of meals any other day of the year.

“When it comes to Thanksgiving and other holidays like Christmas it’s important to think of them as one day in a blip of an entire year,” Thomas said. “While some of the food we eat on thanksgiving might not be considered nutritious foods they can still absolutely fit into a healthy diet.”

One thing to consider for those wanting to eat healthier is to scale back your portion size.

“Maybe just scale back on the portion size so you can have a little bit of everything on your plate, so then you don’t feel too lethargic afterwards, you won’t feel too overly full,” Thomas said.

Another important tip is to not skip breakfast and lunch to make room for a big dinner.

“When you sit down to eat you’ll be ravenously hungry because you haven’t eaten all day,” Thomas said. “So having regular breakfast and regular lunch during the day so that you’re not starving when you get to dinner time can prevent you from overeating.”

For those worried that some of the dishes might have too many carbs or fats, Thomas said families can look up healthier alternatives to serve.

“If we can scale back and make light versions of traditional dishes it can be very beneficial,” Thomas said.

One example she gave was sauteing green beans instead of making a green bean casserole.

Ashley Thomas is a registered dietitian at Ashley Thomas Nutrition. More information on her can be found on her website.

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