Where are the spookiest homes in Central Illinois?

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CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WMBD) — Halloween is right around the corner, and some homeowners in Central Illinois are doing their part to make the holiday spookier.

Over in Washington on Main Street, one home is featuring skeletons galore. Two skeletons who escaped a hospital are even hanging from a window. With a cemetery right in the house’s yard, it is safe to say the house is “haunted.”

In East Peoria on Briar Ridge Court, visitors will most definitely be spooked by all the scary Halloween decor. From a terrifying graveyard to a scary clown asking people to “keep out,” this home is definitely a treat.

Up the hill on Fondulac Drive, visitors can see a skeleton hanging from a tree amidst a large cemetery. The owner of the home, Kim Fritz, said, “We have pounds of candy sitting in a room waiting for the kids.”

The “Moss Avenue Cemetery” can be seen at 1011 W. Moss Ave in Peoria. Rick Blanco, the owner and creator of the cemetery, said he wanted to give kids and families a fun Halloween experience. Trick or treaters can even take a walk through his homemade graveyard on Oct. 31.

“Yesterday, I had a family drive an hour and a half to come check it out,” said Blanco, who even set up the inside of his home for a Halloween party he is hosting, ready to frighten his guests.

North Institute Place has a home featuring a woman dressed in white carrying a headless man by the legs. On the other side of the porch, a creepy little girl is playing on a swing.

Those who are looking for a scare have plenty of options in Central Illinois.

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