Healthy Families

Healthy family resolutions for the new year

Make the new year family-focused with these resolution ideas.

Start a weekly or monthly tradition

Choose one night a week or even one night a month for a movie or game night with the whole family. You can each take turns choosing the movie or game. If your children are older and constantly running from one event to another, the tradition can even be as simple as finding one night a week that the family all sits down together for a home cooked meal for 30 minutes.

Volunteer in your community

There are many volunteer options for families to do together such as serving food at a local homeless shelter, walking dogs at the animal shelter or cleaning up a local park or walking trail. Volunteering together strengthens a family bond and teaches children the importance of giving back to the community as well as how to appreciate what they have as there are many others less fortunate.

Focus on health

Start going on bike rides after school or walks together after dinner. If your children are older, take a fitness class together at your local gym or sign up for the next 5K in your area and train together. Pack healthier lunches for your children or incentivize them to eat more vegetables and drink more water but giving them points each time that add up to money or a trip to the toy store.

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