PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Danielle and Andrew Heebink have been involved with the Easterseals of Central Illinois for 15 years and counting.

“I think what drew us to Easterseals is the mission and what they do for kids to give them the extra help they need to become amazing adults,” Danielle said.

Easterseals of Central Illinois President and CEO Steve Thompson explained donors volunteer their time, not their money.

“Supporting Easterseals means so much more than a financial gift,” Thompson said. “Throughout the year, our donors make the incredible gift and very valuable gift of their time, and that is something that we value and allows us to forward our mission.”

The Heebinks are heavily involved with the Black & Blue Ball, Easterseals’ annual fundraiser. The couple always put the online auction together.

“Last year, we estimated about 100 hours, so probably the same this year, collecting the items, getting them ready,” Danielle said.

They said the best part about donating their time to Easterseals is seeing the kids flourish.

“To see these kids reach their milestones and grow, and the pride it gives them, the confidence that it gives them to go out in the world and be themselves,” Andrew said.

They want others to get involved.

“If you’re looking to get involved in the community, the staff at Easterseals is so supportive to help you get engaged, just call them and ask how you can help,” Andrew said.

Find out how you can rally for Easterseals by clicking here.