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"MARGAM" Classical Indian Dance Performance by Prasanna Jeer

Mythili Dance Academy, Peoria (MDA) is proud to present “Margam”,” a solo classical Indian Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical Dance) performance. Local audiences will have a chance to experience the art form when Bharatanatyam dancer, Prasanna Jeer from MDA presents “Margam” at 4 p.m. on April 29th at ICC Performing Arts Center. Prasanna is recognized widely for his unique and innovative style, expressions and footwork and is definite treat to watch. The performance is choreographed by Rama Suresh, Artistic Director of MDA.

Bharatanatyam dates back 2,000 years. The dance is creatively crafted by the performer to tell a story. Athleticsm is a must — it utilizes nearly every muscle, from the feet to the face (facial and eye movements are used to express ideas). It requires a keen knowledge of Carnatic (South Indian classical) music, the country’s cultural history and Indian mythology. This, coupled with pantomime body language, intricate footwork, detailed hand movement, elaborate traditional costumes all with a rhythmic pace, makes it one of the most complex art form across the globe.

Mark you calendar to view this intricate and soul-filled movements that is mesmerizing to watch!

It is a free performance and hence all art lovers are welcome!! No tickets needed!!

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