GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Walking into Synergy Sports complex, Jordan Love sits down next to a foam roller and calmly begins stretching out.

The Packers first-round draft pick out of Utah State arrived in Green Bay last Monday and is still processing that he’s now a part of the Green and Gold. For the first time since being drafted, Love spoke publicly about the whirlwind of the 2020 off-season with WFRV Local 5.

“It’s awesome,” Love says with a grin. “I’ve definitely learned a lot more about the Packers and the organization since I got picked up by them. It’s just awesome to see.”

The quiet quarterback went into draft night open-minded, but this went a little beyond his wildest dreams.

“You really don’t know what to expect going into it,” Love says when asked if he ever dreamed the Pack would trade up for him.

But now he’s here, and he has a singular focus: the 2020 season.

At Synergy, owner and founder Scotty Smith has Love doing box squat jumps for explosiveness, foot agility skills for speed, and box squats for leg strength. All designed to build up NFL-season caliber muscle. For the rookie, it’s a chance to get back to normal in an off-season that has been anything but.

“It’s been different, that’s all I can say about it, it’s just been a really different off-season,” Love says. “I mean, I wouldn’t know what it would be like without it.”

The Synergy staff has installed hand sanitizers all over the complex. Masks are available when you walk in the door. Equipment is sanitized immediately after an athlete is done using it. All part of the new routine with COVID-19.

For Jordan, he’s just trying to get ready for the season, and make sure he’s ready to start on the right foot.

Love will be in the quarterback room with one of the best to play the game in Aaron Rodgers. How does he handle that pressure?

“I think it’s just pressure that’s going to make you better,” he says. “It’s just going to elevate my game to the next level, to be able to learn from him.”

As for what he’s hoping to learn from Rodgers about the game? The sky is the limit.

“As much as I can,” Love says. “Just kind of leave that open and learn as much as I can, really.”

When asked about how his relationship with Rodgers could be different than the early Favre-Rodgers dynamic, Love was concise in his response.

“All I can do is be a great teammate,” Love says resolutely. “And be who I am. That’s all I can do.”

Love says the conversations with Rodgers have been casual with all team meetings being virtual because of COVID-19, but he’s excited for when his new co-workers are finally all together.

“Once we finally get in a room with each other, it’ll all be different,” Love says.

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Packers are reporting to training camp on July 28.