Brady Klein Ready For Quarterback Role

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WASHINGTON, Ill. — He played quarterback for his underclass teams as a freshman and sophomore.

But now Brady Klein is getting ready to take over as Washington’s starting varsity quarterback.

“Obviously I’m still a bit rusty, this is my first real 7-on-7 this summer,” Klein said after Washington played in the Saturday’s passing tournament at Richwoods High School.

Klein was a receiver last year as a junior. He was catching passes from Caleb Fisher, who graduated as one of the best quarterbacks in Washington High School history.

Now he’s the guy that has to follow in Fisher’s footsteps.

“We’ve had the conversation that you don’t have to be Caleb,” Said Washington head coach Darrell Crouch. “Caleb was a different guy. (Brady) has his own strengths, too. He has a 34 ACT (score), so he’ll check in and out of plays for us pretty well. I think he needs to be comfortable in his skin and not try to live up to the things Caleb did.”

Klein got some minutes as the back-up quarterback last season for an 11-1 Panthers team that was ranked No.1 most of the season and advanced to the state quarterfinals.

“Definitely Caleb was a great quarterback and his brother Austin helped us at practice, he’s a phenomenal coach,” Klein said. “They definitely taught me stuff I can apply to my game.”

He understands he’ll carry a lot of responsibilities as the team’s top quarterback and the comparisons to Fisher will be inevitable. But Klein also realizes he has until the start of fall practice on Aug. 12 to fine tune his game.

“It’s conditioning, getting in shape, building team chemistry again, getting ready for the season,” Klein said. “And I hope to get back to the same point we were at last year.”

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