Extra Effort: Washington Athletes Walk to Remember 9-11 Victims

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WASHINGTON, Ill. — Current Washington High School student-athletes didn’t live through the events of September 11, 2001.

But they want their community to know they understand how important it is to remember the day.

“I think it’s amazing we can still get together and remember those (victims),” said Washington senior cheerleader Kenna Ashton. “Even though we weren’t alive for it, we still have an attachment to it. It shows how respectful we really are.”

Washington’s 9-11 Walk was started 18 years ago by WCHS cheerleaders. Now the entire athletic department and the marching band gives up a Sunday afternoon to honor the sacrifices made on 9-11.

“It’s important that all us know that even though we weren’t born yet, American has changed so much because of that event,” said sophomore junior player Allie Scrivner. “We grew to be stronger and greater.”

A large contingent of Washington’s athletes showed up at Jefferson Park for Sunday’s walk. They were there to say thank you to local firefighters, police officer and military personnel.

They were also there to support students who have family members that are first responders.

“My dad, Troy Skaggs, is a police office in Peoria,” said sophomore football player Brock Skaggs. “It’s awesome that everyone showed up. All of my friends here to support the firemen, police officers, and military.”

“It feels really good to me because my dad is in law enforcement,” said football teammate Tyler Casey. “He works at the Washington police department part-time.”

A 60-minute ceremony marking the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks followed the walk.

“We are so thankful for all the firefighters, police officers in our community,” Scrivner said. “They risk their lives for us every single day. It’s amazing.”

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