Tips for making new friends later in life

Active Life With Bob Larson

Having good friends is an important part of life, regardless of your age. And once you retire, you have more time to socialize. As some friends continue working and others relocate, you may need to make some new friends.

You can start by re-connecting with old acquaintances, whether they be former schoolmates or coworkers. Reach out to them over the phone or via Facebook and schedule a time to get coffee or participate in a shared interest. 

Your interests can also lead you to new friends. Whether you enjoy exercising, golfing, or gardening, any of those hobbies could lead you to a new network of people. 

If you’re attending a social event, don’t be afraid to approach people. You’re likely not the only one nervous to start a conversation. You never know, you could make a life-long friend by taking that first step.

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