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MACKINAW, Ill. (WMBD) — Below is the transcript for Thursday’s Loving Living Local segment.

GRETCHEN: Welcome back to Loving Living Local. I’m Gretchen Wirtz, and today, Lucy is with me! No. Hello. Of course, my friend Diane Hahn from Mackinaw Valley. Good to see you again to see you.And this must mean that it’s grape stomp time and the Lucy lookalike contest.

DIANE: Well, yes. I only dress like this a couple times a year. One is to come see you dressed as Lucy.

GRETCHEN: There’s other times you dress?

DIANE: You could be Ethel. I’m just saying. Okay, we can.

GRETCHEN: We could.

DIANE: We have the outfit going on.

GRETCHEN: And we have stomped grapes before together. And. Okay. So this is one of the most fun things you guys do out there. Obviously, you’re doing stuff all summer long, the great concerts, but this one is coming up on September 4th, Sunday. Yes, the grape stomp. Tell us what’s going on that day.

DIANE: Okay. So as you can see, I dress up as Lucy. Yes. And I go out with the big tubs. We have two big half ton tubs and we put them out and we put white grapes in that we stomp. So your feet don’t get red. Don’t worry about that. Anyway, and you get in there and stomp. And we play crazy music. And I’m an easy grader. Bacchus dresses up and comes and helps judge. And you win prizes. The kids have like a toy box, candy box, and the adults have gift certificates for either money or like a wine glass or some fun stuff. So everybody wins something and it’s a good time. And then we just have food and wine tasting, and Mystery Machine is our band, and they’re going to be great, and they play music in between sets so I can get a little bit of a rest from driving everyone crazy stomping because I do drive everyone crazy. Oh, just sign up when you come. Like you don’t have to do it early, right? It’s just five bucks to get in. And as usual, our kids 12 and under are free. So it’s real family friendly and real affordable and just sign up to stomp when you get there and will provide the fun. And yeah.

GRETCHEN: And everyone can dress like Lucy.

DIANE: Everyone. So thank you. At 3:30 we have a Lucy lookalike contest and we split $50 between like first place and. Well, it depends. We started to have a lot of kids.

GRETCHEN: You did? Yeah, you’ve had some kids, right?

DIANE: So if so, we do have kids division. Okay, there’s this one little girl that’s like a ringer and no one in every year. Oh, so we’ll split the 50 between the two first place if there’s a child, an adult winner. And then we have prizes for second and third as well. Nice.

GRETCHEN: Yeah. And I mean, just have fun with it. Get creative, do what you want. You’ve had many different in the past. Yeah, you have you changed it up so. Yeah, that, that is awesome. Now are we drinking this wine the people are stomping on or.

DIANE: No. But people want to. I like, no, we’re cutting you off.

GRETCHEN: They’ve had that.

DIANE: Ever you know we don’t use it and we use white grapes so people’s feet don’t get stained red grapes with stain. So we have a little foot bath so you can wash your feet, you know, every year. I mean, if you’re, you know, don’t wear your best sun clothes because and if things are going to get real wild with your friends, maybe throw an extra clean t shirt or shorts in the car because one year Gretchen was there and she was off from work. But another cohort of yours from the station came and the cameramen, and the cameramen, I remember, fell. Fell. Yeah. And covered. Covered. He really took one for the team that day so.

GRETCHEN: Yeah, it’s slippery. Good.

DIANE: It’s it’s slippery. We hold on to and Bacchus Eric dresses up as Bacchus and so he’s sort of the steadying guy. He’ll hang on to people and make sure they don’t fall getting in and out and and that but it’s fun. It is.

GRETCHEN: Fun. Bring your chairs, have food, do a little shopping, you’ve got some stuff.

DIANE: And we got Gramma Nana’s cookies. Oh, it’s perfect. Ice cream. Oh.

GRETCHEN: Delicious. All right. And you still have more concerts coming up. Do we do real quick.

DIANE: We’re real quick. We got Decade of Decadence this Saturday, super fun hair band tribute and Jam Sandwich on the Saturday before the stomp, Highway J. And those guys are great. Yep. Mixed Up Mayhem. We Joey Prater for the first time they’re with us so hope you can come out and West McQueen everybody knows West McQueen. Yes, they’ve been around forever, so.

GRETCHEN: All right. Well, check out Mackinaw Valley Vineyard for all the details. there. Follow their Facebook page and come on out and stomp some grapes with all of us. Diane, thanks so much for joining us.