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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Below is the transcript for Monday’s Loving Living Local segment.

All right. So you guys are welcome for us to kind of take a hiatus here from this big fundraiser but tell us it’s coming back. Coming up here soon. Tell us about it.

Dr. Tony Evans will be coming in to help us to raise funds for our new youth expansion that we have been talking a lot about. And it’s been out on our social media outlets, but it’ll be a great event. We would typically do a dinner at, you know, but we decided to let all our funds go towards actually the project that we’re working for.

So things are looking very well and we’re looking to have sponsors and supporters to come alongside us to help us, help us with this youth expansion, especially what’s going on in our community. And we believe if we get them at a young age and at the grassroots, will be able to impact their lives.

Definitely. It’s called Vision Possible. It’s coming up on Monday, September 26th. And like you said, you’re still looking for sponsorships. They can go on the website and find out more about that. Yes. And then there be tickets to VIP tickets, regular tickets, everything you see.

Yes, VIP tickets. They’ll call and sign up and they’ll have a chance to meet with Dr. Tony Evans, who is just an awesome man of God and has been here two times already for South Side Mission. But he’s also just a great person in terms of vision and kingdom agendas, and we’re looking forward to a great night and looking for him to pour into Peoria, not just about Southside Mission, but about our community and whole as a whole.

And a lot of people will recognize him already has radio. He’s on a radio show here also.

Yes. Yeah, he’s. on. You see him in person?

Yes. Yeah, 11. He’s on 11 a.m. every day on WB. NH, which is another one of our sponsors all supportive. So Peoria is very he’s very well known in Peoria.

So very good. Yeah. Let’s talk about a little bit more about the youth ministry and what you guys are doing. You were just saying that the aftercare program is getting pretty full already. Yeah, that’s great to see that.

It’s a little over four. So we’re thanking God. So maybe somebody might drop off here. Yeah, yeah. God has been gracious to us to allow us to to get back in full swing with our afterschool tutoring program, which is it’s just taking on a life of its own. We have a new culinary addition to it.

We also have culinary for the kids. Yes.

Culinary for the. Yes. And we’re starting that in September six. And we just have a lot of Green House things going on right on our campus there at Southside Mission. So we’re excited. Our youth are excited and we’ll probably start phase one of the youth expansion with our big worship center here at our main location.

And you were saying, you know, it is so important. Yes. To get the kids young and get them involved in their community and appreciate their community and maybe avoid some things and pitfalls down the road as these get them in their young.

I think the stats and data proves that to be so and we just want to, you know, do what we can and have been doing for many years. Our founder or her. Her purpose was it actually started as a result of youth. So we’re looking forward to keeping that legacy moving forward.

Okay. And you’ve got a lofty goal, too, for this.

Lofty, lofty goal. Okay, Gretchen, now we got to go get that other person that you carried with the bundle. With the.

Bundles. Yes, because it takes a lot. But yes, you guys are doing great things in there. And you guys have so many things on the agenda to help the youth in our area. So we are so glad to see that. We’d love to see more people and people come out to support it. How much are tickets and that go on your website?


They can the sponsorship we would use that it’s just like it was a table and our tables used to be $600. We start at 600. Okay. And I’ve asked certain people to join me with $1,000. See, to help this ministry forward, we have some people Gilmore Foundation has already stepped up to help us to raise money for this project.

So and also others. So we’re looking to raise $250,000 to help us to move forward with this expansion so they can sign up, go to our website. You’ll see it on all of our social media outlets.

All right. How many people do you want to come on out there that day?

We are probably at about 600 now, but we can go to 1,000 all right.

Yes, I just know it’ll be there. Yeah.

Yeah, it’ll be outside coming in. But yeah. You line up out there. Saint Paul is gracious to help us and we’re looking forward to a great night and a great start to kick off ministry.