PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — There’s still one month left of summer, but the back-to-school season is well underway.

WMBD’s Kyreon Lee spoke with Lifestyle Expert Elizabeth Werner who showcases tools your child can use inside and outside the classroom for everyday learning.

Magic Adventures Microscope

This innovative take on a traditional microscope can help kids realize how interesting science and the microworld can be!

With up to 200x magnification, young biologists can zoom in on flowers, insects, and more using eight double-sided smart slides or collect their own specimens to make scientific discoveries.

The smart slides activate amazing BBC videos and images, providing an immersive learning experience so kids can discover answers to curious questions.

Story Time Chess: The Game

Here’s a whole new, fun way to teach children as young as three years old how to play chess, one silly story at a time!

Story Time Chess: The Game introduces children to the rules and strategy of playing chess through eight engaging chapters with beautiful illustrations and silly characters from Chesslandia, like King Shaky: the king who is afraid of everything, cheese, trees, his knees, and bumblebees, and moves “one slow step at a time.”

The storybook characters come to life placed inside custom chess pieces, and through 30 minigames that let kids practice how each piece moves in a fun, memorable way.

Includes a double-sided chess board with a “Story Side” and “Standard Side” that grows with a child as they no longer need the character reminders, plus storage bags for all the pieces.

Chess is one of the most beneficial games you can teach a child. It has been proven to teach kids critical thinking, problem-solving, social skills, sportsmanship, and even grit.

For more information and other back-to-school tools, visit HERE.