Mom Hacks: Spotting eyesight problems in children

Mom Hacks

(WMBD) — The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in children and even adults spending more time with their eyes glued to the screens.

If you or your child haven’t been to the eye doctor lately, now may be the time.

Dr. Timothy Cundiff, optometrist at Vision Care Center, said it’s no surprise eye issues have spiked during the pandemic, due to increased screen time whether it’s for school, work, or leisure.

“When you think about it, a screen by itself is not a bad thing, but it’s the fact that we’re on the screens for hours, that’s the issue,” Cundiff said.

However, he said the problems go beyond eyesight.

“I see issues with kids with their eyesight, with headaches, with eye fatigue, eye strain, those problems almost more even than eyesight problems,” he said.

He suggests parents ask children how their eyes feel, and most importantly be observant.

“If they are having eyesight problems, meaning if things are blurry far away, that’s easy to pick up on because you’ll see the kid squinting at the board or squinting to see things far away. Eyesight is only one piece of this, though. It’s the fatigue and the strain from doing the close-up work. They’re getting headaches, they’re having that frustration, their forehead, they’re tired, they’re just really struggling with that process, those can also be eye problems.”

Dr. Timothy Cundiff, optometrist at Vision Care Center

Cundiff said everyone should find ways to take multiple breaks from the screen and also try the 20-20-20 rule.

“Every 20 minutes that you’re on a screen, you should pause. Every 20 minutes you pause, you take a break for about 20 seconds, and you want to look at something that’s 20-feet away. Look down the hallway, focus on something, look out a window, just look away from that screen. Doing it regularly helps,” he said.

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