A phone rings every 3.5 seconds in 309 area code from robocalls in January


CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WMBD)– Every hour, 12.6 thousand robocalls are placed to the 309 area code. That breaks down to someone’s phone ringing every 3.5 seconds. According to YouMail, a robocall index, the 309 area code received 302,700 calls a day. Average calls per person come in just above 10 a month.

44% of all calls are scam related. Just 10% are from telemarketers. Alerts and reminders, as well as payment reminders, make up the other half.

The Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence, or TRACED Act became law last year putting robocallers on notice. The legislation requires voice service providers to develop call authentication tenchologies.

The Department Of Justice along with the Federal Communications Commission has to form a group to study and report to congress it’s findings.

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