Ameren Illinois stresses energy efficiency for your home ahead of winter


CENTRAL ILLINOIS– Whether the weather outside is frightful or delightful, one thing everyone can be joyful about is saving money on bills. Saving energy and money is on everyone’s mind as mother nature bears down to bring Central Illinois winter temperatures.

Ameren Illinois staff coached Peorians Tuesday on how they can cut costs by being energy efficient.

“I learned that I need to make sure to double-check the seals and stuff around the doors and stuff like that,” said Sharon Jordan, local resident. “I just got new windows so that’s covered but the door is one of the places where the cold air seeps in.”

Ameren Illinois staff say one of the fastest ways to save is by making the switch to Energy Star Certified LED lights and appliances. With the help of a smart thermostat, you could save up to $180 a year in energy costs.

If a smart thermostat isn’t your M.O., turning down your heat 10 degrees while you’re away from home will do the trick.

“Then you’ll see your energy usage go down and the sticker shock won’t be nearly as high,” said Lew Middleton, with Duke Energy.

Central Illinoisans say it’s best to have this conversation now before the winter weather arrives in full force.

“We need it now because we don’t know what climate change…everything is going kind of crazy,” said Jordan. “It’s getting really cold, so this meeting is right on time so I have time to double-check all those areas I had covered.”

Another tip from the energy company is to purchase advanced power strips that reduce the amount of power consumed when electronics are on standby. These tips and tricks may cost you upfront, but Ameren says it’ll save you in the long run.

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