Annual Spoon River Drive Takes Over Fulton County


For 49 years, people have been coming to the Spoon River Drive, to see what Fulton County has to offer. Thousands of tents go up every year for the rummage sale.

“We have cumulated stuff over the years, and we go to auctions and buy our own stuff, we gathered it over the years, and we try to sell it,” says  Andy Koswoski vendor.

There’s hidden gems and perfect gifts hidden throughout the sale. Vendors share everything from sentimental items to things they’ve made by hand.

“This all started for me making things for my wife, she wanted it, people saw it and wanted to buy it, so I decided to make more, and I figured I could make some money at it, so now I have a booth,” says Troy Hack, vendor.

People from all over the Midwest make their way to central Illinois hoping to find their own treasures.

“We actually had someone from Springfield come in the booth today, and they started in Elmwood, and made their way around to stop in, it was just kind of shocking to see someone from Springfield.”

If all that shopping makes you hungry Bill Turney, better known has “Santa Bill”, might have exactly what you’re looking at his grill. For two decades he’s helped collect money to buy presents for children in hospitals.

“I’ve been doing this for twenty years how can you not want to help a kid out during Christmas, there not thinking about it, I mean there thinking about but their parents arn’t thinking about it you know, they want to get there child home, and we go in there and make them smile,” Billy Turney, said.

Last year bill donated $18,000 worth of toys, he says the real present is seeing the joy in the kids eyes.

“It brings tears to my eyes, just the joy, I see in these kids eyes on Christmas, is amazing.”

The Scenic Drive’s Fall Festival has been held each year since October of 1968, The Event will continue tomorrow, October 2nd and continue next weekend. 

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