Bremer Jewelry assesses attempted break-in, adding additional security


PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– Monday morning, Bremer Jewelry employees work to bolt broken doors and windows. Security footage from the overnight attempted break-in shows a handful of people trying to break into the family-owned business.

The security gates in place didn’t falter. The store’s director of operations said it’s hard to understand the motive behind the looting actions.

“Hurting a business like this that gives back to the community, their community even…it’s tough to bring people together,” said Justin May, Director of Operations at Bremer Jewelry. “That’s what we really should be focused on right now on the tragedies that have happened and not on the looting. It was tough. The initial break-in was tough. There were multiple attempts after that made it rough as well. People pulling up trying to get out of their cars. I would shine lights at them. I set off my car alarm.”

Nothing was stolen from the jeweler, but it will remain closed for a few days.

“We appreciate the police support that we got,” said May. “It was definitely very difficult for them. They stopped by as much as they could to check on us, knowing that someone was in the building.”

It’s also adding additional security for the coming days.

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