Bringing new life to a run-down apartment complex; Villa Bordeaux soon to reopen


PEORIA, Ill. — A dilapidated apartment complex; a place where police were often called, is undergoing a transformation.

A lot of work is being done to really spruce up these apartments, inside and out. Nearly $5 million to be exact.

Future apartment owners will have brand new plumbing up to today’s code.

The exterior of the buildings is being completely repainted.

New doors and windows are also being installed.

Leasing starts in 2020. The current plan is to open the first phase of apartments in March or April and then have all up and ready to go by next fall.

Peoria third district city councilman Tim Riggenbach says the apartment’s locations at 5250 N Knoxville Avenue are in a great location.

“When you look at what’s happening in Junction City, Donovan Park, Kellar Station, there are some exciting things happening within walking distance of there. I can imagine those are gonna be a real hot commodity once they come on the market,” Riggenbach said.

Riggenbach adds bringing people into the area will have a positive impact on the surrounding area.

“To get that many folks back in the heart of the town, that’s something we’re all looking for with all the retail, restaurants and stuff in the area. That’s gonna be a real boom for the city as well as the neighborhood,” Riggenbach said.

While in recent years the apartments were run-down and a popular place for crime and violence, the community wasn’t always that way.

“To see this restored to what it was back in the 80s, early 90s I think is something the neighborhood is really excited to see,” Riggenbach says.

“I don’t think it’s a secret that the property has been a real nuisance in the last number of years with crime and the dilapidation of the structures themselves.  To see the kind of money that’s being pumped into it, it’s just really encouraging,” Councilman Riggenbach adds.

Riggenbach adds these will not be Section 8 apartments.

The sign outside of the apartments says the apartment’s new name will be “Grande View Apartments.”

All of the construction is being done by a Rochester-based company, Spoleta Construction.

We reached out to Spoleta Construction today, and have not heard back yet.

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